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Background & Experience

  • Project . Process . People

    Our Philosophy To work with and support individuals to enable them to derive and implement solutions that work for them.

    We do this by tailoring packages to meet the needs of individuals, organisations and enterprises in which we work alongside people, through workshops, interviews, training, mentoring and coaching and where necessary direct intervention to achieve the desired outcome.

    Key to organisational success is the ability of an organisation to:

    • Determine their goals and communicate them effectively
    • Deliver their goals
    • Continuously improve the way in which they deliver
    • Develop their people to support this delivery

    To do this effectively Holden-Consult believe that is necessary to progress forward on Projects, Processes, and People in parallel and to be cognisant of the interaction between these three elements.

    We are particularly passionate about ensuring that innovation is alive and present in all areas of an organisation’s operation. We believe that the combination of Innovation and delivery is the route to total organisation engagement and success.

  • Clare Holden

    Clare Holden is a seasoned professional from the Medical Device arena with 25 years’ experience in small medium and large multi-national blue-chip companies.

    Clare has first-hand experience of developing and delivering new products to market and is particularly knowledgeable about the complexities associated with the leadership of cross-functional teams where positional power is limited.

    In addition, Clare has established Stage Gate™ and Portfolio Management processes within organisations and recruited and trained Project Leaders to deliver within these frameworks. This aspect of her career has given her a determination to ensure processes are pragmatic and fit for purpose.

    Clare is an experienced facilitator and has designed and run many workshops which twin the need to translate strategic imperative in to plans of action and to develop their team in tandem.

    She has developed countless individuals during the course of her career and many have gone on to become senior executives and leaders within their own right and she is passionate about the need to skill individuals to be our leaders of the future.

    Latterly she has trained as an Executive and Personal Coach and Image Consultant and which enables her to work 1-2-1 with individuals seeking to achieve balance in their lives and create a sustainable impact and legacy for others to follow.

    When working with Clare she brings a incisiveness and clarity to situations often lacking which is fresh and challenging, she is articulate and insightful particularly in relation to identifying key issues be they related to people or projects.

  • Bill Pigg

    Dr Bill Pigg is an experienced and visionary professional who has spent approximately 30 years focused on the innovation, development and delivery of new products to the market place.

    Bill has worked in a number of small to medium and blue chip multi-national companies; he is experienced at establishing processes which support the expedition and commercialisation of such projects such as Stage Gate and Portfolio Analysis.

    Bill is a trained and experienced facilitator working with teams from the point of fundamental research to close to market development.

    He is especially adept at utilising a wide range of tools and techniques to provide a structured but flexible approach to his workshops.

    He is passionate about enabling transparency and buy-in across organisations to ensure that Project and Product Delivery and the advancement of new technologies is understood by all, and seen as a key organisational process supporting strategic imperatives and growth.

    His breadth of knowledge within the Industry enables him to challenge assumptions effectively and his own curiosity ensures that he is well versed in current trends and changes which gives him a high degree of credibility with those with whom he works.

    When working with Bill he has an enthusiastic demeanour to all that he undertakes, and has an intelligent curious outlook. Bill is very personable and fun to work with.

Total Organisational Engagement

Innovation, project delivery and people management is all a process, for the process to work the cogs must align and interact correctly. click a cog below to learn more.