the people : leaders & teams

  • Capable & Confident Leadership Development

    “Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; Leadership determines the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

    Stephen Covey

    Leadership is personal, all leaders have their own unique style and approach, developed over many years; there are however elements that are present in all successful leaders, they are confident, visionary and good at galvanising individuals into achieving things that they are not sure they actually want to do.

    They inspire others and engender a deep sense of purpose in those around them. They focus on moving forward rather than looking back, keep their eye on the end game and navigate the path between.

    Excellent leaders demonstrate abilities as follows:

    • Creating a compelling vision of the future
    • Enthuse, grow and appreciate others
    • Clarify values beliefs and behaviours
    • Turn ideas into action

    At Holden-Consult our approach is to utilise our personal experience, coaching capability, personality profiling such as DISC , reflective learning models and other tools to support you developing your own unique style.

    We work alongside individuals and small groups to provide theoretical input, mentoring and coaching support and challenge; to move people beyond their current reference points.

    “Leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders.” – Tom Peters

  • Soft Touch Facilitation

    "You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”

    Albert Einstein

    Conflict with colleagues remains one of the great inefficiencies within organisations and is rarely addressed effectively, it can cause demotivation which can manifest as low morale and high turnover.

    In less extreme cases it results in ineffective interactions between colleagues reduces productivity and the quality of organisational output.

    The use of a disciplined and rule based approach to meetings can help for regular meetings; although this has merit they are often not conducive to ad hoc forums or situations that require spontaneity and creativity; moreover, it can feel laborious, and lack the human touch that is so important when interacting with colleagues.

    After all we all need to feel that we contribute at work not simply because of our expertise but because of who we are.

    At Holden-Consult our approach is to:

    • train individuals to use facilitation in all aspects of their work, not just for meetings and workshops;
    • enable individuals to deal with conflict in the moment,
    • manage interactions effectively and gain consensus
    • ensure that everyone remains focused on the desired outcome
    • reduce the need for rigid process.
    • empower people to handle all situations both internally and externally in a confident manner which supports the ethos of your company

    We desire that your employees feel confident to handle a wide variety of situations, people and interactions and therefore can focus their time and energy on doing the job, rather than worrying about doing the job.

  • Excellent Team Working

    “The relationship of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.”

    Lewis B Ergen.

    Organisations exist to do that which can’t be achieved by individuals; it is therefore essential that we foster a climate of good teamwork within our organisations.

    We all know that more people than ever work remotely, yet the need for social contact between individuals is as compelling as ever; when we are forming relationships with others trust is a critical component.

    Our approach is to:

    • Work with teams and their leaders to develop a clear sense of purpose, modus operandi and culture which recognises that working as a team is the most effective way of achieving results.
    • Work with teams to introduce processes that facilitate excellent teamwork
    • Focus on improving the way in which cross functional teams work.
    • Embrace working with remote team members.
    • Introduce personality profiling to improve self-awareness
    • Work with the organisation to ensure that they have in place sufficient governance to support the teams.
    • Work with Functional heads and team leaders to support them using teams as a key resource to develop their staff.
    • Use Maturity Modelling to ensure that you teams benchmark themselves against best practise and are able to continually improve.

    Team working is the stuff from which great organisational achievement stems; It is not an add on to your day job but the means by which you play in and stay in the premier division.

  • Performance Coaching

    Inside – Outside achieve autonomy of oneself.

    In essence, coaching is about becoming the best version of you that you can be and enabling you to be this all day, every day.

    The techniques that we employ are designed to enable you to understand what is important to you now, and to support what you wish to do and achieve in the future.

    Coaching is designed to help you use all that you know to progress and succeed in all areas of your life; dealing with all that you currently face and those in the future.

    Working in both directions from the inside to the outside and vice versa we provide tools, models and personal experience to provide challenge and support, to your thinking, behaviours and attitudes with the intention of identifying and equipping you for the future you see for yourself.

    We work with amongst others:

    • Models of influence
    • Transactional Analysis techniques
    • Values Beliefs and Behaviours
    • Personality profiling tools
    • Wheel of Life
    • CIGAR and GROW

    Throughout all of this, we work on ensuring that your goals are aspirational, achievable and founded in true desire.

  • Corporate Image & Style

    Attention paid to personal image and impact is often disregarded as a ‘nice to have’ or even worse, unimportant.

    However, ignore it at your peril, even if you’ve been in your industry a long time, have all the possible qualifications and a bucket load of experience how will you stand out from the crowd?


    • We gain a first impression of one another in less than 10 seconds
    • A negative first impression is very hard to reverse
    • As much as we may try not to, we all make a quick assessment of what we think of someone, it comes from our basic friend or foe human instinct
    • Incongruent words and body language lead to a lack of trust and the body language is judged as more truthful
    • Many people have a lot of the relevant qualifications and experience so a positive reason to stand out is required
    • When people respond positively to us because we have a positive image this boosts our self-confidence we perform better and the ‘cycle of success’ continues
    • Positive image and impact is the gateway to someone getting to know, like and trust us, all essential for building relationships and professional success
    • People are the face of an organisation and their image needs to communicate the brand values of the organisation
    • If someone can’t present themselves appropriately, can we really trust them to do a good job for us? You make the assessment of other people, they will be making it of you…………

    At Holden- Consult we will work with you to inform your staff about the link between image and impact; using facts articles and their own input to help them appreciate just how pivotal this aspect is in not only how we feel about others but how they feel about themselves; the effect on their customers and their own potential.

    We will give them the knowledge to understand how to improve the way the look and feel about themselves either by working in groups or in a 1-2-1 capacity.