the provision of technical expertise

  • Small Business Support

    Small Businesses and start -up’s often do not have either the financial or physical resources to invest in personal development and the time to establish processes to aid delivery of their projects; whilst we strongly believe that basic organisational structures and processes are necessary to enable businesses to grow, we empathise with the need to get projects delivered and onto the market.

    We, at Holden-Consult, have over 50 years’ experience between us of doing just that; progressing ideas from bench research through full development and then into commercialisation.

    We have a hands on pragmatic approach to solving issues and problems relating to progressing projects; we are always willing and able to work with companies in a practical way to support and collaborate on the delivery of projects where our experience is relevant and useful.

    Between us there will be few problems or situations that we have not encountered previously or that we can’t work through to an effective and practical outcome. Our approach will always to be:

    • Systematic ; understand and identify the correct issues
    • Decisive: make decisions with what you know, don’t procrastinate
    • Team based; involve those who need to be involved and communicate with others, not all inputs are equal
    • Outcome based: don’t waste resource and time on work that doesn’t support your project or a strategic goal.