The Missing Link

16 Jan 2018

Behaviours: how we are judged and how we judge others! The Story of the £10 note. You are walking along the road and you see a £10 note on the pavement in front of you what do you do?

How Do You Choose The Best Solution; They’re All Excellent?

18 May 2017

Very rarely do people have a bad idea, in their opinion. However, some ideas are better than others, looking for a specific solutions.

The Impact of Your Image on You!

18 May 2017

we lose sight of the most valuable aspect of image; the impact it has on your own sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and ultimately the impact that this has on your life.

Why Having a Problem is Great!

18 May 2017

The challenge faced by most organisations is not the generation of ideas but knowing which ones are worth progressing.

Sticky Goals and the Automatic Pilot

18 May 2017

Do you remember situations where you really wanted something, or to be somewhere perhaps when you were younger and desperately wanted to attend a rock concert or a football match?

Embrace Constraints; They May Lead You to Creative Excellence

18 May 2017

A problem-centric, constraint-aware approach can be a powerful means to enhance creativity and productivity.