Sticky Goals and the Automatic Pilot

Do you remember situations where you really wanted something, or to be somewhere perhaps when you were younger and desperately wanted to attend a rock concert or a football match?  You would spend a great deal of time finding out about the event, persuading those in charge of the benefits to letting you attend, negotiated chores and good deeds in exchange for credits and money to fund your venture.

No doubt you will have spent time looking it up on the web, or thumbing through books and magazines and daydreaming whilst supposedly working at school.  You collect items and paraphernalia associated with what you want; you meet people who are as enthusiastic as you about the topic and others seek you out because of your shared passion.

In short you immerse yourself in the world associated with what you desire. This is goal setting at its best so, if you covert a new car, or a new job, or to run your own business then you need to find ways to immerse yourself in activities that will mean it becomes part of your make up.

In this way, you embed your desire into your sub conscious; at this point you probably won’t know how you are going to achieve it. But, people who are successful in their chosen field will often reflect on imagining how it would feel if they were there.

For some Goals that are more straightforward such as a new car you could arrange a test drive, if you want a new business may be visiting premises will help you feel how it would be to work there and drive their everyday, similarly with a new job, you can always drive to a site and view the premises. Owning your own home might involve visiting a few houses at the weekend.

Whatever it is that you would like to achieve clear evidence shows that those who achieve their aims had spent a significant amount of time establishing firmly in their minds what it was they were going to achieve, and had developed strong emotional attachments to the goals. In effect, you programme it into your mind like an automatic pilot; in this way when decisions occur where you have to choose between two paths, you will choose the one that moves you closer to your goal instinctively. Your automatic pilot will keep you on course; Therefore, you must make sure it is going to the right destination.